If you are local and already have your own trophies and items you would like us to engrave, please contact us to book an appointment. When you bring your items for engraving, please label each one with the text required for engraving and your name and contact details before you arrive at our workshop.

Martin has over 30 years experience as an engraver, learning his trade in a busy high street shop in Reading. In 1993 he moved to Dorchester in Dorset to open a new shop for Timpsons, before in 2001 setting up his own engraving workshop at home with an online shop.

Our metal and laminate engraving is produced to order, using one of our Gravograph engraving machines. Our fonts on these (used to engrave awards, trophies, medals, shields, pewter, silverware, etc) are limited to these letterstyles.

For glass and slate, Martin uses a sandblaster, sandblasting by hand himself. Unfortunately we are not able to engrave photographs at this time. Click here for our suggested glass letterstyles.

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