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personalised_wedding_cake_knife_setHere is a selection of personalised Masonic Gifts that can be engraved to give a special present to your masons. The personalised Masonic Gifts on this page start at £19.95, and include engraving of your lodge name and number. Depending on the size of the glass, we can engrave your masonic lodge logo, but are not able to engrave photographs. We are only able to engrave the lodge logos and freemasons logos on glass.

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Our personalised Masonic Gifts and Freemasons Gifts are either postage band A or postage band B.


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Decanter Whisky Set


 Personalised Masonic Gifts - Engraved Metal Gavel


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Mini Decanter Set


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Engraved Silver Plated or Nickel Plated Trowels


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Engraved Elite 10oz Lead Crystal Wine Glasses


  Personalised Masonic Gifts - Engraved Wooden Gavel Set


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Balmoral Glass Heeled Bowl


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Alaska 8oz Lead Crystal Whisky Glass


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Glass Rose Bowl


Engraved glass chalice

Personalised Masonic Gifts - Engraved Glass Chalice


Personalised Masonic Gifts - Pair of Lead Crystal Whisky Glasses

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